Read This! Come The Shadows by Wendy Young

I’d love to introduce everyone to author Wendy Young, and her newest book, Come The Shadows. Officer Will Harmon has a murder to solve, a task he hasn’t had to deal with for seventeen years. Witty dialogue between Will and his wife, Laura, add lightheartedness to the mysteries surrounding fictional Campbell Creek, North Carolina.

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Read the teaser while you wait for the next book in the Campbell Creek series!

Come The Shadows

“I need help,” Jessa said.

Miller scoffed. “Do I look like a boy scout, helping little old ladies across the street? Or someone who’d walk you home or to your car, and make sure you’re safe?”

“No, you don’t. But that is precisely why I asked you. You look like the only guy in the bar not here to pick up a girl.”

“I’m not sure if that was a compliment or an insult.”

“Does it matter?” She stared into his eyes, determined not to show fear. “I need something done…” She paused again, this time genuinely unsure how to continue.

“Go on, lady.”

“My husband – I need him gone. He’s having an affair and if we divorce he’ll take my money and try to take the kids.”

“I don’t care about your life story.” He narrowed his eyes. “Why you askin’ me?”

Jessa’s natural personality took over and her voice began to rise. “Are you deaf? I just told you why I asked you. Are you interested or should I go, and find someone else?”

Miller chuckled. “You rich ladies are unbelievable. What if I was a cop?”

“Are you?”

“No,” Miller said. “But I ought to turn you in for laughs and teach you a lesson.” He sounded tired but serious.

“That’s the last thing I need in my position, mister. If you aren’t interested I’ll just leave.” She started to scoot out of the booth. Her short skirt and the steamy bar meant her legs were sticking to the seat.

Miller’s hand shot across the table and latched onto hers. “Don’t go.”
She was struck by how quickly he moved. His appearance was deceptive.

“Don’t go,” he repeated.
She settled back into the middle of the booth.

I can help. I know a guy.”

“You know a guy?” The incredulity in her voice was real. “You know a guy? Now I really am wondering if you’re a cop.” She hoped he bought it, and made as if she would leave again.

“Hold on now.” He didn’t touch her this time but he held his hand up, palm out, to stop her. “I said I can help, didn’t I?”

“Look, I don’t want to deal with your cousin’s brother’s sister, or whoever.”

“He’s a pro. He’s good, and good at what he does. He just popped a reporter over in Raleigh. In and out and no one the wiser.”

Jessa jumped in surprise, not expecting that information.

Miller must have mistaken her surprise. “Impressive, huh?”

“Um, yeah.” She recovered quickly and latched onto this new piece of information. “That doesn’t sound like a marital issue.”

“Oh, it’s not. Lady pissed off the wrong people. She was about to––” He clamped his mouth shut abruptly. “But that don’t matter. He don’t care about histories any more than I do. It’s a business deal – in, out, done.” The right corner of his mouth curled upwards. “You in?”

Jessa looked down at her glass. In the dark bar the ice seemed to absorb light instead of reflect it. She had some great information here but did not have what she came for. She was not about to give Will the satisfaction of saying she had failed.
Straightening her back she replied. “No. I did not realize I was dealing with a middle man. I pegged you as my guy.” For a third time, she made to leave. “I guess I was wrong.”

This time he let her go with a shrug and a quick, “Good luck, lady.” So she headed to the bar to pay, moving through the crowd on unsteady legs. Will would not be happy but she did her best.

The cool night air coming off the ocean was a welcome relief from the stifling air in the bar. Her car was just a short walk away in a paid lot and her long legs covered the distance quickly as the adrenaline rush from the ruse faded. Kevin had no clue where she was.

Just as she reached the lot she heard footsteps behind her and quickened her pace. Heart pounding, she fumbled for her keys as she went. When she reached the car she lost her grip and they disappeared in the darkness at her feet. With her heart in her throat, she bent, groping around the pavement.

To read more of Come the Shadows, the first book in The Campbell Creek Mysteries trilogy, and purchase a copy please visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any site where eBooks are sold.

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12 Comments on “Read This! Come The Shadows by Wendy Young

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  2. Wow, Wendy! Awesome teaser! You start off with a great hook, and then built the tension in the scene beautifully. I love the way you develop the characters and their dialogue. Fans of Elmore Leonard will enjoy your book!

    Best Wishes,

    Writing as AR Silverberry


  3. Oh, it’s a cliffhanger! Darn you, Wendy Young, what’s going to happen next? I’m trying to figure out if the female character is a reporter, a cop, or someone seriously wanting to off a spouse… This is definitely a page-turner!


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