Ireland, B&B’s and the Food!

I hope to get back to Ireland sometime soon. Meaning, within the next five years or so. When I travel overseas, I prefer to stay at Bed and Breakfasts for many reasons. The main reason – the food.

Photo by Irish Fireside

I love the fact that A) someone else is cooking and B) it’s really good, home cooked meals. A full Irish breakfast consists of eggs, and rashers, and pudding (eh, you get used to it) and of course, the brown bread. You can choose to stay in a self-catered homes, but I prefer the entire Irish experience.

A great place to start travel planning is with B & B Ireland. It’s a comprehensive website of Irish Tourist Board approved B &B’s.
Check out their brochures or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

B&B Ireland’s free phone app, available on iTunes.

I’ve spent a lot of time on their site…planning…dreaming…one day, I’ll return!

Any B&B favorites from your travels? Would love to hear about them!

4 Comments on “Ireland, B&B’s and the Food!

  1. Best of all for me is the breakfast at Gormans Clifftop House west of Dingle in County Kerry. Have to declare an interest – we stayed there so often in the past that Sile's become a friend 🙂


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