Thank You, Brawen’s Journey Readers!

FINAL_Fiery Arrow_Cover_jpgFor two days in a row, Brawen’s Journey: Fire and Ash, a companion short story to the novel, Fiery Arrow, has been in the Amazon Kindle top 100!

About Brawen’s Journey:

With Patrick’s help, Brawen escapes a life of slavery at the hands of Irish raiders. But her journey home becomes her most difficult challenge yet. Her village is in ruins. Her family has gone missing. As she searches for pieces of her past, Brawen must evade the ever-watchful eyes of the Roman legions and find her way back her Celtic beginnings.



Set at the cusp of Rome’s fall, Brawen’s Journey: Fire and Ash follows one of Fiery Arrow’s favorite characters as she rebuilds after all she’s known has been destroyed.


Thanks again to everyone who has read Once A Goddess, Fiery Arrow and now, Brawen’s Journey. I’m looking forward to writing a few more Brawen stories!

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