Virtual Book Tour: The Brigid Series

All the #booktour details!

Grab the Lapels

Tour BannerAugust 17th: The Literary Counselor

August 18th: Barb Taub

August 19th: JMWW

August 20th: Limelight Literature

August 21st: The Next Best Book Club

I also want to thank the blogger at Ana’s Lair for reviewing Once A Goddess and Fiery Arrow as part of this tour!

To learn a LOT more about the first book, Once A Goddess, check out Sheila’s last virtual book tour!

FAAbout Fiery Arrow: Brigid, a gifted druid priestess, seeks to preserve Ireland’s ancient religion when Christianity broaches its shores. When she confronts Patrick, the charismatic leader of the newly-arrived Christians, she realizes they have a shared history, tied together by a bond formed lifetimes before. As Brigid persists in reminding him of their past and of his promise to help her revive the Ancient Ones, Patrick denies the deal he made as a lonely slave boy to a goddess he believed to be…

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