Children Don’t Get Covid. Except when they do: A List

A few months ago, word got out that children do not get Covid-19 (except when they do). Or if they do, their symptoms are mild (except when they’re not). They may not carry a heavy viral load, according to reports. And they don’t seem to transmit it to adults (except when they do). Yet, each day, news outlets report children of all ages testing positive for Covid-19, some with serious illness or death. The truth is, we don’t know. We don’t know the long -term effects and we don’t know how children in the United States will be affected.

Researchers and politicians who want kids back in school full-time, 5 days a week, tend to cite studies about schools in Europe and their successful reentry of children into the classroom. This, however, is the main takeaway: “He added that the study was representative for the state of Saxony, however, which has a relatively low rate of infection compared with other parts of Germany.

In comparing ourselves with other nations, we must look at their local rate of infection and what they have done to mitigate the virus. In Germany, for example, students can administer weekly Covid self-tests before heading off to school. Self-tests? Enough for all the students? Each week? Do those things exist?

Not here in the USA where it takes several days to get a result. Not here where, particularly in rural regions, many people don’t wear masks.

Here is a list of articles where children have tested positive for Covid-19, some who have become ill, and some who have died. I found these in a ten-minute Google search. This short list is heartbreaking and unfortunately, more stories can be added. Researchers, and the media, need to up their game or at least explain to me why these children and young adults are getting the virus if children can’t get the virus.

85 babies under 1 year old in Nueces County have tested positive for COVID-19 since mid-March

After Reopening Schools, Israel Orders Them To Shut If COVID-19 Cases Are Discovered

Oregon Child Care Center Has at Least 20 COVID-19 Cases, Eight of Them Kids

36 students positive for COVID-19 after high school sports camps, Illinois officials say

Florida mistake on child COVID-19 rate raises question: Can Florida’s numbers be trusted?

A Florida mother lost a son to Covid-19. Days later, her daughter also died of it

85 campers and staff test positive for COVID-19 at YMCA summer camp

Nine-year-old girl is the youngest to die from coronavirus in Florida, state health officials say

Reopened day care centers shut down again in several states. Here’s why.

2nd case of inflammatory COVID-19-linked condition in children reported in Virginia

Pediatric cases of COVID-19 on the rise in central Virginia

Penn State student dies from COVID-19 complications

Colorado Mesa University student, 21, is state’s youngest COVID-19 victim

Wheeling High School Student Dies, Likely From COVID-19, Superintendent Says

Durham elementary school student dies from coronavirus

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