Don’t Forget St. Gertrude

Well, you learn something new every day. Not only is today St. Patrick’s Day, but it is also St. Gertrude’s Day. And Gertrude is the patron saint of cats.   Ironically, or maybe not, one of the few photographs I have is this one, of my great-grandmother, Rose Glennon Lamb and her daughter, Gertrude in the back row. There is also a cat in…

Achill Archaeology Field School

Presentation created for high school World History students based on my field school experience at the Achill Archaeology Field School …

St. Patrick and the Rise of Christianity in Ireland

St. Patrick Brings a New Religion to Ireland  Eventually, he does escape and make it home to Britain. Later he travels to France, where he enters  the seminary to become a priest. He studies with St. Germain in Auxerre, France. It’s also believed he studies with St. Martin of Tours. After several years, a voice calls to him, telling him to return to Ireland….

Kilroy Was Here and So Was Gertrude: Telling Family Stories

Kilroy Was Here   It’s 1948. My Grandpa Art Lamb marries Rita Hubbarth. His father, Jimmy Lamb, gives Rita a plastic pregnant doll. He tells his new daughter-in-law that the doll’s name is Gertrude. What it says on the base of the stand is “Kilroy was here,” a popular World War II reference. Get it? Kilroy, pregnant girl-doll? According to my grandmother,Rita, the doll… Beta: Use It!

For those of us involved in historical research, the advent of online primary source documents has been a godsend. At least for me. Microfilm reels make me queasy. The reason why I like and Beta is because I don’t need a library card or password to log on. Yes, I’m that lazy HeritageQuest. Or pay a fee. Yes, I’m that poor….