“Litany” in Behind the Yellow Wallpaper

Via New Lit Salon Press: Early readers of #BehindtheYellowWallpaper can now leave their review of the anthology on Goodreads! Please take the time to share your love of our New Tales of Madness with fellow readers. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22555169-behind-the-yellow-wallpaper From the New Lit Salon Press website: http://newlitsalonpress.com/behind-the-yellow-wallpaper-new-tales-of-madness/ “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a feminist classic, a haunting critique of the isolation treatment for female hysteria wrapped…

MFA Graduate Reading: Exit

Reading an excerpt from my short story “Exit,” at Queens University of Charlotte. The story is published at JMWW, Winter 2013. Filmed and edited by Dustin Lawyer

Teachin’ the Craft

Pretty Ain’t Easy: The Myth of the Easy Short Story Cycle.  There’s a belief among writers that linked short stories are easier to write than novels, that perhaps a story cycle is really an attempted novel that failed. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the benefits of reading and writing a story cycle and compare the experience with that of a novel and short story….

Lugh, the Sun, the Solstice

Summer Solstice. Midsummer. The longest day of the year. It’s the time when the sun is at its farthest point north from the equator. For some, the day is celebrated as Midsummer, a pre-Christian pagan tradition of the marriage of the Sun God and Earth Goddess, of fertility. For Christians, it’s St. John ‘s Eve, a celebration. For most of us, it’s just hot….

Moonlighting Over at the Creative Writing MFA Blog

Every once in awhile, I blog for the Creative Writing MFA Blog. It’s a busy site for potential MFA applicants to discuss the pros and cons of MFA programs, the pros and cons of traditional versus low residency. They asked me to share my low-res experiences, so every once in a blue moon, I do. Low Residency Experience: Writing to the Finish Check it…