New Short Fiction!

Very happy for my short story Hunger, Not Tame, to be part of Rappahannock Review’s flight-themed issue!

An Ungraceful Gesture

Very happy to have a new short story up at Eunoia Review. Check out this online literary journal – lots of great stories and poems!

Eunoia Review

Grif didn’t know what to make of the new teacher dressed in an oversized man’s wool sweater and a long patchwork hippie skirt. Three weeks ago, at the interview, Lila Waterford had worn a smart two-piece suit, heels, and carried an expensive leather briefcase. An import from Phoenix, he thought she’d bring a little professionalism to the rural one-building school nestled amongst the towering ponderosa pines of the northern Arizona forest.

Now, he could see he was wrong. She was a mess. Not only were her clothes too big and looked like they came out of a church donation box, she was pale, slack. Her long copper hair was pulled back into a loose bun, none of the styled curls he’d noticed earlier.

Lila sat at her desk, grading papers, or so it seemed. Grif watched as she moved her pen across the page, transferred the worksheet from one folder…

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“Litany” in Behind the Yellow Wallpaper

Via New Lit Salon Press:

Early readers of #BehindtheYellowWallpaper can now leave their review of the anthology on Goodreads! Please take the time to share your love of our New Tales of Madness with fellow readers.

From the New Lit Salon Press website:

Behind the Yellow Wallpaper via New Lit Salon Press

Behind the Yellow Wallpaper via New Lit Salon Press

“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a feminist classic, a haunting critique of the isolation treatment for female hysteria wrapped up in a superb psychological horror story. Over a century later women are still battling gender bias in the treatment of mental illness. Here are 15 stories of very different women who have in common the fact that they are fighting for control of their worlds and of their minds. Traci Orsi’s “Waiting for Jordan” finds Julia hallucinating at home when her husband is shipped off to Iraq. Leah Chaffin’s “Last Caress” delves into the sad and savage story of a rare female serial killer while in “An Obedient Girl” Amy Bridges relates her experience as an average girl who has a singular experience with a lobotomized woman. Age, religion, motherhood, sex and work life are all explored in these gripping stories of women who remainBehind the Yellow Wallpaper, battling valiantly and sometimes viciously to break free by any means necessary. Each story is paired with original photographic art by Loreal Prystaj. Prystaj’s dark, gripping art evoke the same despair, fear, anger, hopelessness, heartache, and fight for survival that make up these extraordinary New Tales of Madness.

Edited by Rose Yndigoyen
Line Edited by Casey Ellis
Art by Loreal Prystaj
Art Direction and Design by luke kurtis

Published June 2014
E-book ISBN 978-0-9885512-4-4

Available as an eBook for: KindleNookKoboiBooksGoogle Play. Print edition coming soon on Amazon.


MFA Graduate Reading: Exit

Reading an excerpt from my short story “Exit,” at Queens University of Charlotte. The story is published at JMWW, Winter 2013.

Filmed and edited by Dustin Lawyer

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